5 tips for a man to choose kawaii lingerie for his girl

When it comes to picking nice gifts for girls on some special occasions, men always don’t know what to choose. How about purchasing your girl kawaii lingerie? Good choice! But it is a tricky task for men who haven’t mastered the art of selecting the right clothes for women. It is even harder when there are so many kawaii lingerie options from risettellingerie.

How can men get the right kawaii lingerie for their girls? Since men barely have experience in buying women’s clothes, it’s almost like an impossible mission for them. Men might get completely confused about these factors, from various sizes to colors to styles and materials, etc. As you know, it might be a turn-off or even a disaster when a man gives her girl a wrong gift. No worries though, here I’ll provide some helpful tips for your reference. You’ll pick out the best kawaii lingerie for your girlfriend or wife.

So before going to a nearby shopping center or an online retail store, you should take those factors into serious consideration:

5 tips for a man to choose kawaii lingerie for his girl

1. Check her size

Undoubtedly, it’s unwise to purchase her some kawaii lingerie without knowing the right size of your girl. Before heading to the store for kawaii lingerie, you need to pick the right size for her. The right size makes her feel comfortable when her body parts all fit perfectly with the lingerie on. The right size ensures the right support necessary for a comfortable wear.

Take the bust part as an example, the suited bust and band size makes women feel comfortable and confident. But the ill-fitting one always causes health problems, worsening her posture, deforming the natural shape, and even weakening her confidence.

To avoid getting a wrong size, you are supposed to measure busts and other body parts in a scientific manner. That means you may have to directly ask her about the size or even need professional advice. Yet, one more thing you should keep in mind is that situations such as natural changes (gaining or losing weight, etc.), medical conditions, habits and some others lead to change the body size. Just remember that the right fit is vital.

2. Fabric ensures comfort

This is the factor that you can never ignore for any kind of clothes. Of course, your girlfriend or wife will look cute and elegant wearing a well-fitting and kawaii lingerie set in whatever colors that suit her. Still, in spite of the sizes, fabric also plays an essential part for the comfort that kawaii lingerie has to offer.

Simply by checking the product description on the tag or consulting the customer service, you’ll get to know the fabric they use. Or even you can feel the fabric in the store when you can touch it with your hands. There are many kinds of fabric materials such as cotton, silk, nylon, fiber, wool, flannel, satin, lace, modal and so on. Each of those, of course, has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to her needs. Be careful though, some man-made fabric may lead to allergies.

No matter which type you select, make sure it’s soft and comfortable on the skin. And surely customer service or salespeople can help you out about this one. What really matters is how she feels, isn’t it?

3. Kawaii lingerie shows her style

Unlike men’s clothes which always tend to be simpler in both colors and styles, all stores obviously offer way more options for women as both in colors and styles. Like colors, lingerie fashion also matter a lot to girls. You can consult her besties about what styles she’s into and what styles suit her. Simple ones, complicated ones, cute or kawaii style, maid lingerie styles, anime lingerie and many others, from all these kinds, there must be one that interests her.

Also you can check out what’s in fashion these days on the internet. But remember never to get something that looks plain or even lame. FYI, kawaii style lingerie in black with laces surely is a dreamy set for many girls. It might be a stereotype that kawaii clothes and kawaii lingerie are just for women in small size. But the truth is girls can always be kawaii and sexy at the same time despite their sizes.

4. Find her colors

Men may consider colors less important. To girls, however, they are just as important as any other factors I have mentioned. The right color is definitely one of the major factors in choosing the right kawaii lingerie for a girl. You better do some research beforehand to ensure that you are going to have the right colors.

Pay attention to what colors she likes, what colors suit her best, etc. Make sure the colors you pick are those she likes at least. Similarly, it’s smart for you get some advice from her best female friends to find out what colors look good on her.

If you still can not decide which colors to choose in the last minute, you know, white or black might be a suitable solution. Although you should pay more attention to her color tone while finding a perfect color for someone, yet a white lingerie set is always lovely. Besides, you can never go wrong with black, right?

5. Spend wisely on kawaii lingerie

You certainly can buy some fancy and expensive kawaii lingerie for your girlfriend or wife. But if you’re sort of broke or have a tight budget, it’s unnecessary for you to choose the costly ones. You still can buy some good and cute lingerie for her. Because not all good-quality and good-looking lingerie sets are that pricey. Some nice lingerie online stores like risettellingerie provide customers with high quality kawaii lingerie at reasonable prices.

Well, trying to find the perfect kawaii lingerie is absolutely a challenge for most men. Fortunately, with those practical tips above, it should be much easier for you to pick a kawaii lingerie set that is a perfect combination of a suited size, comfy fabric, a stylish design, as well as a refreshing or classy color. Better still, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get her this well-chosen gift.

Remember that what your girlfriend or wife likes reveals her personality and taste while what you choose for her expresses your expectations and your love to her. So you better choose what she likes carefully. Basically, those 5 factors are equally significant. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect kawaii lingerie for your girl.

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