Top Places To Travel To Europe In Autumn

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Europe as everything looks heavenly during this time of the year. And thus, Autumn is the perfect season to visit Europe. However, most often travelers get confused about where they should visit Europe in Autumn. Thus, we have compiled the top places to travel to Europe in Autumn at one place. 

Let’s know the top places to travel to Europe in Autumn


Residing on the beautiful land of Switzerland, Lugano is a perfect visit to spend Autumn. Further, the city is one of the most colorful cities in Europe during Autumn. And thus, it is our favorite pick as the top place to travel to Europe in Autumn. 

Further, Autumn is celebrated with a fine glass of wine accompanying friends or family. Along with this, the biggest attraction in the city is the Lugano Autumn Festival. Every year thousands of people visit this city in Autumn to be a part of this festival. 

The festival starts at the beginning of October and is held in the first week of the month. Further, the first three days of the festival are entirely dedicated to exploring the local cuisine. Also, try classic well-aged wines of Ticino and the autumn market selling local produce. Moreover, you can buy almost everything from these Autumn markets including wine, handicrafts, and fresh produce, etc. 


Take direct flights to Italy from US to land in the beautiful land of Florence. Moreover, the city becomes heavenly in Autumn and thus, it is the best time to visit here. If you are looking for the most romantic places in Europe then Florence is your go-to destination. 

Also, Autumn adds a romantic aesthetic to Florence making travelers fall in love with its first sight. Moreover, the city is home to some of the best museums in Europe. Thus, if you are a history buff then visiting here would be a knowledge fest for you. 

Moreover, there are many beautiful places in the city to explore in the city including Uffizi Gallery. Don’t forget to make early hotel and flight bookings for Florence to enjoy cheap deals.


A great Italian location that is a perfect treat to eyes, Bilbao looks its best in Autumn. Further, the home of the famous Guggenheim Museum awaits you holding the best of art. Moreover, the city enjoys its off-season in Autumn and thus, everything is quieter here.

Thus, if you hate traveling with big crowds then traveling here in Autumn is your best chance for quiet travels. Along with this, the museums in the city are a great inspiration to artists for creating the best art. Also, the permanent collection of art contains some of the finest pieces in Europe. 


Take direct flights to Germany from USA, Hannover is a great sight for eco-friendly tourism in Europe. If you are an environmentally responsible traveler then consider visiting here this Autumn. Further, the city has many beautiful parks equipped with luscious greens along with the Eilenriede Forest. 

Also, if you love shopping then you will be shopping in Hannover, Germany. Further, the city is one of the best shopping places in Germany and Europe. Moreover, the city has a popular shopping street where you can buy everything from artifacts, clothes, baby care, and farm produce. 


A classic Belgium city, Ghent has everything a traveler can ask for. Moreover, the city looks like a part of a fairytale and not of the planet earth. And thus, we are falling short of words to describe the beauty of the city during the Autumn season. 

Also, if you are looking for hidden gems in Europe then this city is a must-visit. Further, Ghent is a perfect visit for travelers who are looking for a unique experience this Autumn. Moreover, the city celebrates the best views of one of the smallest European countries. Further, the major attractions to enjoy the beauty of the city are its castles, museums, and traditions.


The recently become popular city, Budapest is one of the best locations to celebrate Autumn in Europe. The fresh air of autumn, the clear waters, and the beautiful trails attract a good number of travelers here. Moreover, there is so much to do in Budapest in autumn except the city’s great nightlife. 

Further, to enjoy the best of the autumn here try to stay close to nature as much as you can. And thus, include things like hill climbing, picnics in the green areas in your travel plans. Also, the warm colors of nature are the best to provide you a calming experience. And thus, if you are looking for a calming break then the city is the perfect location to provide it to you.


The Spanish treasure and capital city, Barcelone is beautiful inside out. Also, the city is a great location to explore during Autumn in Europe. Further, if you have always loved Spanish food then this city is perfect to grab a bite. Moreover, you can also dine a full course Spanish meal here or learn some basic phrases.

Further, the city has some of the best and most unique experiences for travelers from all around the world. Also, for getting the best deals on hotel and ticket bookings to Spain, be an early bird while making bookings.


The center of the Portuguese beauty, Porto looks amazing during Autumn. Further, the city is a great visit during any time of the year but Autumn makes it more heavenly. Thus, if you were wanting to visit Portugal then consider visiting here in Autumn. Also, for the best experiences make sure to plan a flexible and clear travel plan for yourself.


Another Italian location, Turin is perfect to grab the best of Italian cuisine. In autumn, Turin dresses up in the best colors of nature along with the finest views. For an unforgettable stay in the city make sure to plan your travel itinerary. Also, don’t forget to stay ahead with hotel and ticket booking to enjoy cheap flights.

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