The Best Cannabis Chocolate Edibles, Ranked

Is there a single situation that can’t be made better by the combination of chocolate and cannabis? After trying these products in almost every setting and situation imaginable, we don’t think so. Whether you need reliable relief or the perfect party pairing, we got you.

From the best cannabis chocolates bites and bars to killer cookies and clusters, we’ve covered every flavor, texture, and effect to help you find your high. Dig in to discover your new go-to indulgence, and be sure to rate them yourself after you give ‘em a shot to help us put to rest which is best.


Dixie’s Birthday Cake white chocolate bar with sprinkles is my all-time favorite—hands down. What’s not to love? It tastes like vanilla frosting without being overly sweet. And it’s just fun and festive. Beyond that, it delivers a good dose per square (8mg). Not too strong. And by all means, not too weak. While it doesn’t indicate whether it’s a Sativa- or Indica-dominant hybrid, I suspect that there’s more indica in it. In my experience, when consuming Birthday Cake, I feel a general mellowness coursing through my body—nothing cerebral at all. Often, I cut up each square into quarters and microdose. It’s a good way to feel mellow and physically loose without needing to take a disco nap.


I equate Défoncé as the Hermès of chocolate edibles. It’s as “gourmet” as “gourmet” can get—in terms of chocolate, at least. I love the packaging. I love the variety of flavors. And I certainly love its just–right dosage. Instead, you feel a tad bit more chill than you were an hour ago and less of a New York neurotic. It won’t make you paranoid even if you eat two servings. It won’t give you the munchies. And it’s not going to make you sweat the small stuff. Long story short: It’s a feel-good bar that packs high­–quality flavor.

Chill Chocolates

Chill Chocolate is a California-based brand with a variety of silky lab-tested, cannabis-infused chocolates. The company is dedicated to quality, safety, and social responsibility and only makes products using the sustainably sourced cacao and the finest, most potent CO2 oils available on the market. Interestingly, Chill Chocolate has one of the longest-running cannabis chocolate kitchens. Their products have taken home multiple awards won over the years. They currently have 12 different kinds of chocolate, including classics like milk and dark chocolates or chocolates infused with fruit and caramel. Best of all, they have both THC and CBD products, so you can find your feel-good with ease.


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