PASSIVE DESRATIZATION: Tips to avoid having rats in our home

We must know in advance that it is not easy or fast to get rid of rats, it is not achieved with a snap of the fingers. However, with minimal effort and perseverance it can be achieved.

Depending on where we live, the risks that exist and that we must avoid will be different; A person who lives in the country is not the same as one who lives in the city, nor is it the same to inhabit a ground floor than a second floor …

  • Rodents, which will live in sewers or underground, will want to look for food, so we must be careful because they will try to enter the house through the sanitation systems, climbing up the pipes.

A maintenance of common areas such as portals, gardens or garages, will prevent their appearance.

  • In the case of homes located in basements, mezzanines or in the middle of the field, it is recommended to install mesh on the windows or blinds to prevent them from entering at night.
  • Check that there are no cracks in your house as they can also creep in there. If this is the case, I recommend that you cover them with plaster or putty … and if you do not trust yourself, call a bricklayer.
  • There is no need to accumulate paper or cardboard at home.
  • Always close the lid of the garbage can, and do not forget to close it and remove it daily so that the shit does not accumulate, pig chunk!
  • If there is an industrial estate or abandoned warehouse and where garbage accumulates, I recommend that you inform the authorities since no matter how much you take care of your house, if this area is dirty, the proliferation of these animals is assured.
  • Another option is to hire a cleaning or pest control service to take care of them. They will carry out all the hygiene tasks that are necessary to eliminate them and to prevent them from reappearing.
  • Keep your house clean, this is the best and most effective method to prevent rodents from appearing.
  • Keep food out of reach, keeping it where it should be, never leaving it on the table or on the kitchen counter, always in an airtight container.
  • If you have any domestic animals at home, even if they are domestic rats, the feed should be left closed and in places that are difficult for rodents to access.

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