What is a rebuilt title?

A rebuilt title is issued for a vehicle that was previously a salvage vehicle and has since been rebuilt. Most states require an inspection at an authorized service or body shop, along with the state department of motor vehicles before the vehicle is allowed back on the road. These vehicles can offer inexpensive options for buyers. 


Rebuilt titled vehicles were typically severely damaged in an accident, flood, or fire. If an insurance company determines the repairs would cost more than the value of the vehicle, the vehicle is issued a salvage title. People often call a vehicle like this a “total loss”, indicating that it was a total loss. The owner of a salvage vehicle cannot legally drive on the roads or obtain valid license plates for it, but it can be sold to an automotive center to be used for parts or for restoration.


Once the car is repaired and restored, the owner may have it inspected and then turn over the salvage title to the DMV in exchange for a title that identifies the vehicle as “rebuilt.” At this point, the vehicle is again legal to drive on the roads and can be licensed. Regulations for obtaining a rebuilt title vary by state.


remanufactured titled vehicles offers buyers the opportunity to model their own that they might not be able to afford otherwise. The vehicle could only have had serious superficial damage, but it is structural and functional. Rebuilt vehicles sometimes cost about half the price of regularly titled vehicles.


Before buying a rebuilt vehicle, have it thoroughly inspected by a mechanic. You should also know if your insurance company insures rebuilt titled vehicles, as some do not. Some insurance providers insure a vehicle with a rebuilt title only for liability, not for collision damage. OsCommerce Warning

Sometimes a car that technically must have a rebuilt title actually has a normal one. People buying used cars are advised to run the vehicle identification number, or VIN, through an identification process to point out any problems with the vehicle’s history. These processes can also identify vehicles with incorrect odometer readings and cars that were once identified as stolen property.

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