How to restore a salvage title

Many of the vehicles that are considered damaged beyond repair are given salvage status. In these situations, the Division of Motor Vehicles issues a title declaring the vehicle salvage, which means that the vehicle is in no condition to be thrown out on the road. While this may mean a trip to the junkyard for the vehicle, this is not always the case. In some cases, the vehicle can be restored and the title can be later restored from salvage status.


Obtain and complete an application for a salvage vehicle title.

Take the vehicle, along with the title and any receipts you may have for parts or labor performed in restoring the vehicle, to the MVD compliance inspection facility for a Level II / III inspection. The vehicle owner must also bring their driver’s license along as well.

Submit the salvage title for the vehicle. If the vehicle passes inspection, they will be given a Restored Restored brand new title.

Pay the MVD inspection fee, which can range from $ 20 to $ 50 depending on the inspection that is required.

Tips and Warnings

  • Making an appointment with the MVD can be beneficial or may even be a requirement with some agencies.
  • It is important to be aware of the risks and problems that can accompany a restored salvage vehicle, such problems as a warped frame on a restored destroyed vehicle, or problems with trying to sell a restored salvage vehicle.

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