Extracts drinking water from the air

The lack of access to clean drinking water is a major problem in many regions of the world. The Pakistani company Industrad Group developed a device with which drinking water can be obtained from the humidity. The machine was developed for military use, especially for use in desert areas. Since drinking water production is relatively inexpensive with this innovative technology, it is now also conceivable to use it for civil society.

Water in short supply – to be more precise, the lack of access to clean drinking water – is a global problem. Only 1% of the world’s water resources are directly available as drinking water and are extremely unevenly distributed. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 740 million people in the world do not have access to clean water.

In areas with a predominantly dry climate or heavily polluted ground and surface water, drinking water extraction is expensive and technically complex. But thanks to a promising technology from the Pakistani company Industrad Group , drinking water production – especially in such regions – could improve considerably in the future.

Atmospheric water production

Industrad, founded by Zaid ali , develop a device that extracts moisture from the air and converts it into drinking water. Air contains moisture almost everywhere in the world – even in deserts. The mobile water generator from Industrad converts the H2O in the air, which occurs there in its vaporized form, into a liquid state. The device extracts the water from the air by sucking the air in and cooling it – similar to an air conditioning system, but much more efficient. “ We bring the water in the air to the dew point temperature and then use this cold air to cool the water, ” Arye Kohavi told TIME .

A prototype was first built for the Israel Defense Forces in 2011, after which other military personnel became interested in the product. In particular, they are looking for economic opportunities to supply their troops with drinking water in desert regions such as North Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. The portable version of the Spring System from Industrad Group can filter up to 40 liters per day, the larger version called “Atmospheric Water Generation Unit” even up to 1700 liters per day.

Industrad Group also provide a machine atmospheric water generator in Pakistan ,You can also buy it.

India is also facing major problems with the availability of drinking water for its many residents. Due to the inexpensive water production by the Industrad Group devices, it was recently decided to introduce Industrad Group units for civilians as well. Company founder Ali said: “We have been approached by several companies in India and are convinced that the Indian market has great potential.”

Safe drinking water at all times

Most of the time, however, there is not only a lack of water, but also contamination of the water – microbiological as well as chemical pollutants are often found in surface or groundwater. According to Industrad Group, the “water-from-air” unit produces the highest quality drinking water available, without any risk of contamination. The technology in the device removes all dirt and dust from the air before it is filtered through a multi-stage water purification system. The water is then stored in an integrated 30 liter tank and kept sterile at all times. Minerals are also added to the water, which are necessary for taste and health. 

The machine for home use produces between 20 and 40 liters of water per day, under different climatic conditions and at a competitive price. Using a patented technology from Industrad Group, the drinking water is produced in an energy-efficient and therefore cost-effective manner. In addition, Industrad Group continuously optimizes its devices in order to adapt them to different and changing climatic conditions – such as day and night, seasons, geographical location and the like. Apart from a connection to a power source, no special installation is required to operate the device.

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