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We all love escaping our routines. To be lost in the middle of mystical mountains, calm forests, grumbling Brooks and far from a busy world. Taking up treks is one way to experience those blissful moments.  Here are a few best treks for beginners

  1. Brahmatal trek 

This is one of the very few treks that are available even during peak winters. The trek has its base camp at Lohan Jung.  Hiking up the trail is a heart-filling experience. On reaching the peak,  you will have striking views of the most commemorated mountains, Mount Trishul and Nanda ghunti.

2. Har ki dun trek

Having its base camp at sankari, this trail is believed to be the path that Pandavas followed in their ascent to heaven according to the Mahabharata. Har ki dun literally means the “valley of gods”, walking through this trial, you’ll get to see the swargarohini, Bandar Poonch and black peak all at the same time. 

3. Sandakphu phalut trek

Considered one of the holy grails of Indian Indian trekking, sandakphu phalut trek is the only trek that gives you a comfortable view of the fourth and fifth-highest peaks of the world,  Lhotse and Makalu.  Based at Jaubhari, this trek is one of the beginner-friendly treks.

4. Prashar lake trek

Based at the mandi, this trek mesmerises you with the crystal clear blue water of the Parashar lake. The view is unbelievable and one must try this trek to believe what they hear is real or not. This is a beginner-friendly trek and a comfortable family-time experience. 

5. KheerGanga trek

Sitting high up at an altitude of 3050ft above sea level, Kasol KheerGanga is one of the easiest treks that any beginner can attempt.  This trek can be taken up during any time of the year. Having its base camp at Barshaini, the trail slowly elevates up taking you through the gradually raised terrain with tightly packed trees, with water tumbling down the falls and spurting in the hot springs.

6. Kuari pass trek.

Standing close to the mount. Nanda devi, kuari pass trek has its base camp at auli. This breathtaking trek is located in the most remarkable regions of Garhwal. It presents you with the view of mount Nanda Devi, which gives you the feel of what it is to look larger than life. 

7. Tarsar marsar trek

Having its base in Aru, this trek is supposed to go on your bucket list, not just because it presents you with the experience of camping right beside the three mesmerising alpine lakes but also it’s Kashmir. One is not enough to feel filled by this lively beauty. 

8. Bhrigu lake trek

If you have the image of honeymooners roaming hand in hand through the ever-crowded mall roads in Manali. Then you should definitely try the bhrigu lake trek in Manali. Located 24 km away from the main town and by golly, it has its base camp at Guyana. You get to witness the drastic change in the scenery and will feel like you are in a totally different universe. 

9. Deoriatal- Chandra Shila peak trek

Deoria Tal- Chandrashila Trek is pure bliss for beginners and it makes them want more and more and brings them back for trekking all over again.  This trek presents you with the perfect summit climbing experience and along with that you also get to see a variety of birds as it is home to different bird species and pleasant lakes. It has its base camp at sari, Himachal Pradesh.

10. Kedarkantha trek

This trek is famous for its breathtaking view of the Garhwali region and is the best to try during the winter. Taking you through the snow-covered pine forests,  camping high above in the snow-covered peak and sharing stories around the campfire KedarKantha trek gives you memories to replay for a lifetime. It has its base camp at sankri. 

11. Nag Tibba Trek

This is  An inviting weekend trek near Mussoorie. Having its base camp at Pantwari this trek doesn’t even push you to take an off from your work, you can go on this absolutely sublime 2-day trek amidst the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. 

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