24 Shopify examples that will inspire you

Shopify stores get a bit of criticism sometimes because they can look alike i.e. if their owners are not aware of the customization options available to them. The old adage “knowledge is power” certainly rings true here.

However, we would say that the similar appearance of a lot of ecommerce stores – rigid grid systems, massive headers, and awkward menus – can be undone with the right settings. Quite simply, any Shopify store can become an amazing product with a little thought.

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So if you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve put together a list of the 25 best and most beautiful Shopify stores we could find. We’ve broken them down into categories for easier navigation – and to make it easier for you if you’re interested in a particular niche. If they can’t get you to work in your own store, nothing will!

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Examples of Shopify food and drink stores

Great food and great drinks are a feast for the palate and the eyes – and your Shopify store should be no exception. Devour our top picks below.

1. Coffee ratio

Ratio Coffee landing page - a coffee maker

Ratio Coffee is a beautiful Shopify store with a balanced color palette and a smooth scrolling system that emphasizes the elegance of the products. A video background, catchy phrases, and a simple CTA button make visitors want to become part of the Ratio Coffee community. The playful and entertaining articles on your website also make a good impression on your visitors.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Stylish scrolling system with simple animations.
  • Harmonious color palette.
  • Simple product pages showcasing items in action.
  • Non-intrusive email registration functionality.
  • A simple list of products.
  • Easy navigation on the site.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • Interesting blog posts.
  • Customer reviews included.
  • User manual for all products included.
  • Simple call-to-action (CTA) button.

2. Cuppow

Cuppow Landing Page - Food Containers In The Grass

Cuppow was created with a simple idea in mind: to make reusable and eco-friendly food containers. Their website has a clean, well-organized layout and transparent product descriptions.

The term “mole” covers a range of sauces used in Mexican cuisine, including the famous guacamole. I Love Mole pays homage to those tasty roots through a color-infused site that packs a punch. All product images are of high quality and impress the customer. What we especially love is the colorful palette of their website and the thoughtfully placed little recipes next to each product – who wouldn’t want to make a purchase?

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Colorful visuals, including an excellent logo.
  • Full width images.
  • Playful color palette.
  • Fun “About Us” page.
  • Easy to streamline.
  • Large “Product Reviews Section”.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • A magnificent section dedicated to their restaurant, which includes a menu and the possibility of reserving a table.

4. Water gallery

Water Gallery landing page - water bottle on white background

The Water Gallery is an ambitious art project that combines glassware craftsmanship with eye-catching designs. Not content with being just works of art, their products also promote reuse – so no one will throw them away in a hurry!

Their website is organized in a clean way that places the attention of visitors on the products. In addition, the transparent payment process makes payment very easy for customers.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Stylish deployable side menu.
  • Several high quality images for each product.
  • Simple product pages showcasing items in action.
  • Easy verification process.
  • Clean interface and minimalist design.
  • Good descriptions and specifications of the products.
  • Simple and effective CTA button.
  • Informative and educational videos.

5. Teatox Australia

Teatox Australia Landing Page - Girls Drinking Tea

Teatox Australia is a health supplement founded in 2013 to help people improve their health through their tea detox programs. While we can’t speak to how effective it is, their Shopify design certainly caught our eye.

Their website has a lot of high quality and colorful images, but still has a clean interface. The menu section has clear typography and is positioned at the top of the page. In addition, the blog section is well organized and features attractive images.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Unique presentation icons add a nice personal touch to the homepage.
  • Their use of product images with transparent backgrounds is a little detail that reveals a knack for visuals.
  • Easy access to products and shopping carts.
  • Seamless verification process.
  • The content of the website is focused on educating clients.
  • Well organized blog section with attractive images.
  • The characteristics of the product are clearly explained.
  • The “results page” creates confidence in the brand.

Examples of Shopify fashion stores

We have to admit that we are not fashion experts, but we have a big eye for exceptional design choices. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our picks.

1. Rhône

The Rhône landing page

Rhône was built by a group of professionals passionate about athletics. They got discouraged by the lack of quality sportswear on the market and decided to go ahead and bridge the gap on their own.

Navigating the selection of Rhône products is easy and enjoyable thanks to the high quality images and the beautiful layout. The bold font creates a nice contrast against the light colored background and draws customers’ attention to the products. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of publications from famous magazines where Rhône products have been presented.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Bold fonts and great use of typography.
  • Eye-catching and effective CTA button.
  • Easy to streamline.
  • Full width, high quality images.
  • Product images are displayed from multiple angles.
  • Well organized product lists.
  • List of publications.
  • Easy access to the shopping cart.
  • Informative and educational “Community” page.

2. Bluboho

Bluboho Landing Page - Woman in White Dress

Bluboho is a jewelry store that exudes elegance – the term “refined” is even part of their slogan. He gets this look with a well-executed mix of minimalism and sleek typography.

The pleasant layout and organization of the page entices visitors to spend more time on the website. Each collection is filled with high quality images which give a good impression of the appearance of the product. There is a different category for each jewelry collection, which makes it easy to navigate the website.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Simple rotating product images.
  • A huge selection of categories, which makes shopping easy.
  • Nice and clean furnishings.
  • Non-intrusive email registration functionality.
  • Full-width images and engaging photographs.
  • Stylish fonts and stylish typography.
  • Easy to streamline.
  • Informative FAQ page.
  • Easy verification process.

3. Take a picture

Take a Shot landing page - two photos of a man and a woman with sunglasses

Take a Shot is the original idea of ​​a group of young creatives who came together to develop a unique brand of wooden glasses. Their products blend acetate and polycarbonate materials with bamboo, cherry and walnut.

Each product is beautifully presented with high quality images that help customers imagine themselves wearing the product. Easy page navigation and clear product descriptions are what make shoppers want to stay on their website a little longer.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A great combination of regular product images with photos of live models wearing them.
  • They include sketches of the dimensions of each model, and it gives the page a whimsical touch.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • Bold fonts that contrast sharply against the white background.
  • Clear and informative product descriptions.
  • Easy page navigation.

4. Silk laundry

Silk Laundry landing page - a black and white photo of a woman in a white shirt

Silk Laundry is a collection of classic silk pieces for women that defy trends. All of their products are handmade and the operation is reduced so that they can devote enough time to make each piece perfect.

Browsing Silk Laundry’s products is pleasant and the high-quality images help customers visualize the look and feel of the products. We especially like the informative product descriptions that have clean and elegant typography. The website also features transparent “Shipping and Returns” and “Reviews” pages that build trust in the brand.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A minimalist design with beautiful colorful images.
  • A built-in Instagram feed that doubles as a showcase for their designs and a testimonial section for happy customers.
  • Fun “Journal” page with short, informative articles.
  • Clear and transparent product descriptions.
  • Sleek and clean typography.
  • Captivating CTA button in contrast to the white background.
  • Easy access to products.
  • Non-intrusive email registration functionality.

5. UKIES shoes

UKIES landing page - woman's leg in a back shoe on white and red background

UKIES Shoes is a Spanish shoe brand that stands out from the competition thanks to its patented nanoGel technology. This one is made up of a dual layer system designed to keep you cool and comfortable – these are the words we would choose to describe their store. We especially like the balanced color palette that puts the customer at the center of attention on the products.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A classic and understated design that uses typography to its advantage.
  • Great photos of each pair of shoes.
  • Full width images in the background.
  • Product images displayed from different angles.
  • Easy access to products and payment.
  • Fun and informative blog posts.
  • Nice layout and well organized product collections.
  • List of publications.
  • Transparent FAQ page.

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Examples of artistic Shopify stores

We’ve dabbled in fashion before, so let’s take it a step further and dive into artistic depths. Here is our selection of the best artistic shops.

1. Modern market

Modern market landing page - woman holding child on a beach

Modern Market offers a wide selection of designs and tools for photographers. These include Lightroom presets, legal forms, online lessons, page templates, and more. 

The clean and minimal design of the Modern market website is enriched with tasteful photographs. For each product, there is a description and instructions page, as well as a video that explains in more detail how to use each item.

Does this sample Shopify store make it great?

  • A clean and minimalist design based on pastel colors.
  • Fantastic landing pages for every product.
  • Full-width images and tasteful photography.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • List of publications.
  • Informative and educational videos.
  • Fun and informative blog posts.
  • Balanced color palette.
  • Easy to streamline.

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The IDRAW landing page - one open notebook and one closed notebook

IDRAW offers a collection of high-end bespoke sketchbooks for artists of all types. They offer sketchbooks for comics, design, including cars and shoes (seriously!), And manga. 

Easy to streamline and filled with full-width images – this website will convince any visitor to explore their artistic talents and purchase a sketchbook. The bold typography in contrast to the background captures the attention of customers and makes them excited to learn more about the products.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • IDRAW’s home page is all about sketchbooks, which is a smart choice.
  • Integrated Instagram feed – still a smart marketing tactic.
  • Full-width images and tasteful photography.
  • Bold and elegant typography.
  • Balanced color palette.
  • Informative product descriptions.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface.

3. Rokos

Rokos landing page - a purple rose on a gray background

Rokos is a collection of strange sculptures that do the unexpected. Their homepage, just like some of their products, has some unique design choices that pay off in unexpected ways.

At the top of the page, there is a drop-down menu for each page category, which makes it easy to navigate the website. 

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A striking homepage header that’s some of the best we’ve ever seen.
  • Great use of parallax effects throughout the site.
  • Full-width images and tasteful photography.
  • List of publications and testimonials.
  • Simple to use and clean interface.
  • Balanced color palette.
  • Nice and clean furnishings.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.

4. Pop Graphics Lab

Pop Chart Lab Landing Page

Pop Chart Lab is an online printer dedicated to the very specific business of rendering data in charts and infographics. They have hundreds of products, including their famous cards, stationery, and wall decorations. We’re especially fans of their cosmic exploration and cafe maps, and while we’re at it the striking header at the top of the page immediately grabs visitors’ attention. The bold typography matches the aesthetic of their products.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • This site offers a great example of how to display lots of elements per page without cluttering up – little spacing between elements and compact typography.
  • Easy to streamline.
  • The white background highlights the products.
  • Bold and unusual typography.
  • High quality images mixed with original graphics.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.

5. Trimmed

Tattly's landing page - a woman's neck with a tattoo "breathes"

Tattly is a rising brand dedicated to creating temporary tattoos. They have a lot of design options and a great team of artists who are constantly producing fun and playful tattoos for kids and adults alike. The informal typography on their website matches the brand’s aesthetic.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Playful typography.
  • Scrolling menu.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Possibility of filtering the products.
  • Fun and concise writing.
  • Intuitive interface.

Shopify stores for pets

After satisfying our artistic sensibilities, it’s time to move on to a messier (and hairier) subject – pets. Here are our two favorite Shopify pet stores.

1. Modko

Modko landing page - cat in a litter box

Modko is a Brooklyn-based company that strives to solve some of the problems cat owners face, through modern design. Their first stop? Litter boxes.

The simple and easy to navigate website emphasizes products with high quality images. Modko’s collections are easy to browse, each product is described in detail, and the checkout process is smooth.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A modern, almost “antiseptic” design that matches their products.
  • Intuitive and clean interface.
  • High quality images.
  • Nice and clean furnishings.
  • Informative product descriptions.
  • A drop-down menu that presents images of products.
  • Informative and transparent FAQ page.

2. Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog landing page - a man and a dog in the distance in a dessert

Zee.Dog is to dogs what Modko is to cats. This company shares a similar goal, but with an emphasis on leashes, harnesses, collars and toys. They even offer a product or two for felines, so they don’t feel left out. The main banner image immediately grabs visitors’ attention, and the striking CTA buttons drive online shoppers down the funnel. Each product is presented with a number of images and the drop-down menu makes it easy to navigate.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Fantastic product category and homepage buttons.
  • A stylish widget that provides customers with convenient size charts and a live chat option.
  • Captivating banner image.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • Clear and concise website copy.
  • Eye-catching CTA button.
  • A drop-down menu with clean typography.
  • Central homepage header and striking logo.

Shopify store examples for interior design

Our final section is also by far the most important, which is very fitting since it deals with a category we are all invested in: interior design. These are our eight favorite (and most inspiring) home decor Shopify stores.

1. Hauser

Hauser's landing page - black furniture next to a swimming pool

Hauser is an online retailer committed to providing high quality home furnishings that can transform every home into a cozy and warm place. Hauser uses a drop-down menu to facilitate navigation through its wide selection of products. In each full-width image, the brand has placed a captivating black CTA button that allows visitors to make a purchase on the spot.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Scrolling menu.
  • Full width, high quality images.
  • Big, bold fonts and stylish typography.
  • Captivating CTA buttons.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Live chat messaging.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.

2. Hobbe

Hobbe Landing Page - Light Gray Rocking Chair in One Room

 It was the idea of ​​a mother of two, who decided to bring her vision to life when she couldn’t find a suitable rocking chair for her own use. Hobbe’s minimal and uncluttered layout is consistent with the aesthetics of their products. We especially like the full-width banner image and the minimal but striking homepage header.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A sparse and modern design that gives the store an upscale feel.
  • Excellent product photography that brings chairs to life.
  • Clean and attractive layout.
  • Stylish typography.
  • A simple white background that empathizes with the products.
  • Intuitive and clean interface.
  • Informative product descriptions.

3. La La Land

La La Land landing page - greeting cards on pink background

La La Land is an online store that offers products such as home decorations, stationery, wall hangings, clothing and much more from independent brands. The style is very modern and youth oriented. The store uses a white background and a pink accent to showcase the products. La la land’s collections are easy to navigate and the centrally placed homepage header makes the website easy to navigate.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A colorful and feminine design.
  • A drop-down menu with clean typography.
  • Easy access to different collections and products.
  • Easy to streamline.
  • Fun and informative blog posts.
  • A white background that highlights the colored products.

4. Ivory & Deene

Ivory and Deene landing page - interior design

Ivory & Deene is an upscale home decor store that is heavily invested in helping Australian charities. When they’re not helping to save the world, the team is focused on selling all kinds of furniture and decorations, including high-end products like chandeliers. On the website, the product collections are easy to navigate, each item is represented with a number of images, and the checkout process is seamless. The image of the full-width banner is consistent with the aesthetics of the store.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • An elegant and refined design.
  • Intuitive and clean interface.
  • Stylish typography.
  • High quality product images.
  • Non-intrusive email registration functionality.
  • Instagram feed.

5. Floor plan

Floorplan landing page - carpet samples with interesting patterns

Floorplan is the only store on our list that offers rugs. Their passion for them stems from their long historical tradition and their belief that a large rug is a perfect item to tie a room together. Floorplan uses a colorful website design and bold typography.

What makes this Shopify store great?

  • Simple drop-down menu.
  • Colorful palette and high quality images.
  • Easy access to products and shopping cart.
  • Simple navigation.
  • Non-intrusive email registration functionality.

6. House

Haus landing page - white sofa in a room

Haus is a home goods retailer that uses full-width videos and images to showcase every item in their store. The website menu makes it easy to navigate through product selections, making it easy for visitors to find their way to the desired item. Visual stimulation, large bold fonts, and easy navigation – this is exactly what makes visitors want to spend more time browsing Haus products.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • Great product photography.
  • Video background.
  • Full width, high quality images.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Bold fonts.
  • Flexible product grid.
  • Easy to navigate product pages.

7. Cute

Mignon's landing page

Mignon is a small online store that started out as a kitchenware retailer, before expanding to include other types of housewares and party supplies. Their product pages are visually appealing and contain information about the design process behind each item. The central header makes it easy to navigate the website and customers can easily navigate the product collections.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A beautiful, whimsical design.
  • Great product photos.
  • Flexible product grid.
  • Nice and clean furnishings.
  • Full width banner image.
  • Clear descriptions of the products.
  • Transparent FAQ page.
  • Easy to navigate product pages.

8. Brosa

Brosa landing page - photos of beautifully decorated rooms

Finally, Brosa is a modest design studio with an ambitious dream: to create beautiful furniture at affordable prices. To achieve this, they decided to abandon the traditional structure of intermediaries, selling their products from their own store. Brosa uses high-quality, full-width images to bring products to life and engage online shoppers on the buying journey by placing engaging CTA buttons. The centrally placed home page header makes it easy to navigate through product selections.

What makes this example Shopify store great?

  • A minimalist and mobile design first.
  • Header of the central home page.
  • Striking CTA buttons.
  • Full width, high quality images.
  • Simple and minimalist typography.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Balanced color palette.


With a little work, any Shopify store can stand out from its peers. All you need is a little inspiration for your design, although any seasoned ecommerce user knows that looks aren’t everything.

In this article, we’ve come up with 25 Shopify stores you can take inspiration from, but your store’s appearance isn’t the only aspect you should think about. With that in mind, take a look at some of our other ecommerce guides to improving your store.

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