They spread rat poison mixed with meat in the parks of Gernika

The council of the Biscayan municipality has given notice to dog owners not to walk their animals without a leash in public spaces

The Gernika City Council has alerted today of the finding in parks and gardens of poison for rats, mixed with delicatessen products, which could cause a possible poisoning of dogs and cats. Dog owners who do not walk their animals without a leash through public spaces.

To date, however, the city council has not had evidence of any intoxication from the ingestion of these products. In any case, he recalled that the obligation to lead dogs on a leash is included in the municipal ordinance that regulates the possession of these animals. The council has announced that it will do more monitoring to encourage compliance with these regulations, especially in some aspects such as the obligation of owners to collect the feces of their pets.

Similarly, the Municipal Police will ensure that dog owners walk their dogs, in addition to a leash, also with a muzzle. It will also supervise that they are identified with a chip and that they have the obligatory insurance and vaccination card. The city council will apply fines of between 750 and 3,000 euros, depending on the infraction, to the owners of the animals that violate these rules.