Have a happy and smart shopping with Fayonkids

  • Pick the trendy colours

Different colours suit different people and we all have our favourite colours which we would like to wear every festive season, traditional kids wear for Diwali can be a tricky pick so let’s try to pick trendy colours and the colours which suit our children the best. Colours make your skin look brighter and speaks about your personality and we all would prefer bright and festive colours this season.

  • Pick styles and designs that are trendy and are easy to re-use and re-style

We all need something which we can reuse and restyle every time we buy party wear for boys or girls so let’s try to pick styles and designs which are trendy and is very easy for us to restyle and reuse every time we would like. Smart shopping includes colour options and designs which will never go out of fashion and will always give you that extra layer.

Choose your style

  • Ethnic wear

Ethnic wear is something which we cannot do without, having ethnic wear in a wardrobe is a must and so traditional kids wear for Diwali can take a twist when it comes to Fayonkids. This Diwali let’s buy something according to the occasion like Diwali, festive wear or even wedding season; which is coming around the corner. Wide range of the collection available with wide options like Lehenga, Sharara, Anarkali and so much more for boys as well; like Ajkan, Nehru jacket sets, Kurta and even Dhoti sets for your small puja. Diwali kid’s fashion will no longer be boring because these pieces are made with love and to be worn for a longer period which gives you a lot of comforts.

  • Western wear

Choosing what to wear is now simple once you decide the kind of style you are looking for, party wear for boys and party wear for girls has a wide range of options when it comes to western wear. Wearing western wear on Diwali is also quite fashionable and has great comfort, a wide range of collection for girls which has gowns, frocks, dresses and even high low dresses which just gives you an extra layer. Boys have a wide range of collections as well this Diwali, party wear, coats pants, shirt and pant as well as coat sets; which gives you an extra royal and rich look and will make sure that this Diwali you have that fashionable moment.

  • Indo-western touch

Indo western pieces can take a huge turn and can give you an extra layer according to the way you style them, if you have a very smart piece of Lehenga you can wear that with a contrast colour top or even knot style tops with a floral Lehenga it just gives you a western/modern but an ethnic touch to it. Boys have a very different test than girls do, wear a simple shirt with a Nehru jacket and pair it with simple white pants or jeans with an extremely comfortable mojdi and there you have the most fashionable Indo western style this Diwali.

According to the occasion

  • Diwali wear

We all know this is one of the favourite festivals of the year and how can we not have the best traditional kid’s wear for Diwali. Outfits are important according to the occasion and so choosing the right one will make you stand out. Festive seasons comes with a greater number of changes and comfort because we know we have to be safe and select the right material for them.

  • Wedding Picks

Wedding styles can be different from that of festive wear styles, so let’s understand that we have to make our children wear them for a longer period. Partywear for girls and party wear for boys can still have twists and turns with ethnic wear and western. So, choose your style according to the occasion and be comfortable and fashionable.


Fittings play a vital role when it comes to kids, Diwali kid’s fashion and traditional kids wear for Diwali or even western wear depends completely on the kind of fitting and the kind of size we pick up. A customisation is always a great option when it comes to perfect fitting so always remember to choose the style you want to wear but the fitting has to be perfect. Make sure not to pick anything tight or loose for your children, just get your hands on those fittings which can be worn for a longer period and are breathable.

Long Term Investment

  • Budget

Spending a lot of money on children on clothes is something we think about before we shop because we all know they grow up fast and we end up wasting all that money we have spent on their clothes. Let’s decide a budget every time we decide to shop for them and something which can be worn for a longer period and is a style which will never go out of trend and can be used again and again with the way we want them to look, according to occasions and the way we style them.

  • Style

We all have different styles and so does our little one, so observe and see what do they like, their favourite colours, prints, patterns, designs and get those styles for them. It is a saviour and it will help you style them better because they would want to be in those clothes forever and will for sure save some energy of yours.


  • Colour

We often think that this piece would have looked better in white or red. So go ahead and get it customised for your little ones for this Diwali kid’s fashion wear.

  • Prints

We often observe how our little ones get obsessed with prints, favourite cartoons and even styles. Let’s make it memorable and fashionable while they are extremely comfortable with Fayonkids and are ready for party wear for girls and party wear for boys.

Designer Wear

Designer wear is something which we all need in a wardrobe and a stylish one is absolutely a plus point when it comes to festive season or even wedding season. Diwali kid’s fashion and even traditional kid’s wear for Diwali can take a turn with Fayonkids because we have a designer wear collection exclusively made for you. Grab your hands now with a designer wear collection with a wide range of options available to shop from with trendy designs, colours and styles.